Where You Find Us

As a multinational company with over 4,000 people, we are where you are.

With over 16 locations and talented people from all over the world, we celebrate a multi-cultural environment to provide the most amazing opportunity for you.

USA, Los Angeles

Known as the entertainment capital of the world. It is not what you can do in LA, but where to begin. This is the home of MUSIC Studios and the unbelievable creativity of our US Feel team.

USA, Las Vegas

Needs no introduction. It is the largest party play ground in the world and regularly hosts the music world's biggest stars. What happens in Vegas? ... 2nd to none customer service with our US Care team.

UK, Manchester

A cultural melting pot, renowned for its architecture, sport, engineering and infamous music scene. Manchester is the home of our world-class UK Heart, Project, Innovation and Excellence teams.

UK, Kidderminster

A historical town in Worcestershire, mentioned in the Domesday Book and famous for its industrial and railway heritage. It is the heart of our dedicated UK Care team and the location of our service center.

Sweden, Kungsbacka

Like most towns in Halland, Kungsbacka dates from the 13th century. This period saw the growth and increasing prosperity of the North German Hanseatic towns, and their expanding commerce and trade gave rise to new trading centres along the coastline of southern Sweden. This is the location where our powerful LAB GRUPPEN Touch, Innovation, Operations and Treasure teams are based.


South East Asia's new place to be. Ranging from amazing architecture, dynamic museums, on-trend shopping and a host of celebrity chef restaurants, Singapore has it all. It is here where our amazing Singapore Excellence team delivers world-class Business Transformation to MUSIC.

Scotland, North Lanarkshire

Lanarkshire is rich in its variety and quality of visitor attractions. The area offers a wealth of places to visit and things to do. As well as beautiful scenery for walking and cycling and other outdoor pursuits, Lanarkshire has something for everyone! This is the historical place where our TANNOY Touch, Feel, Innovation and Manufacturing teams are located.

Philippines, Manila

A diverse and vibrant metropolis where you can eat, drink, shop, Karaoke and party 24 hours a day. This is MUSIC's head office. Our amazing Philippine Feel, Heart, Innovation, Excellence, Treasure and Legal teams are located here.

Japan, Tokyo

The world's most populous metropolis offers unlimited entertainment, shopping, culture, dining and fascinating history. Our Japanese Touch, Feel and Care teams are located here.

Germany, Willich

A historical town located in North Rhine-Westphalia, near to Dusseldorf and The Netherlands border. Our world-class German Innovation team is located here.

Denmark, Risskov

Aarhus - Explore Denmark's happiest city! Diverse, modern and fun, Aarhus is one of the happiest cities on Earth. A visit to its art galleries, cosy Latin Quarter or the Old Town will show you just why Aarhus' residents, and visitors are so happy.Our fantastic Danish Touch, Feel, Heart, Innovation, Excellence, Operations and Treasure teams are located here.

China, Zhongshan

An economically developing city, located on the western side of the Pearl River Delta and a boat ride away from Hong Kong. Zhongshan is the heart of our world-class China manufacturing facility. China's Care, Heart, Innovation, Excellence, Operations, Treasure and Legal teams are located here.

China, Shenzhen

One of the largest manufacturing hubs in the world and the wealthiest city in China. A city rich in history, food, art, entertainment and host to dozens of unique theme parks. Our excellent Shenzhen Innovation team is located here.

Canada, Victoria

With a wider metro population of only 360,000, this picture-postcard provincial capital is home to some of the Canada's most exhilarating scenery: there's an ocean and mountain vista around every corner. Whether your taste runs to golfing, hiking, biking and fishing, or you're more the shopping, dining and theatre type, Victoria has you covered. Our amazing TC HELICON and Canadian Innovation teams are located here.